Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Camille Landais

Tony was the epitome of kindness and humility, which are probably the rarest qualities for a man of his intellectual stature and brilliance.
But I believe this is the way he thought a life truly dedicated to research and knowledge should be: insanely rigorous yet friendly and humble, relentless but with a constant smile.
He showed me that research was not about competition for ideas, but collegiality in thriving for knowledge.
I remember his kind words, as he was sitting on my dissertation committee at the Paris School of Economics, and I was desperate that progress was so slow.
He gave me hope, he gave me strength. My research, as that of most Public Economists, owes an immense deal to his work, which we all tried to emulate.

From his Lectures on Public Economics with Jo Stiglitz, to his seminal and monumental research on inequality or his founding the Journal of Public Economics, he has created, shaped and designed the field more than any other economists. This is a truly tragic loss, and we already miss Tony, his sharp, broad and deep mind, his warm presence…

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