Tuesday, 3 January 2017

John Hills

Like so many others in and connected with STICERD and LSE, I am only here because of Tony.  Not just because I had the immense luck to be recruited by him to join STICERD's Welfare State Programme, which he established, in 1986, but because his work acted as the inspiration for my whole career - his book, 'Unequal Shares' was the first book I was advised (by Mervyn King, as it happens) to read when I decided to switch to economics at university.  That left me believing that who gets what and why - distribution and inequality - was at the heart of what economics should be about.  But he was an inspiration in so many other ways.  We have lost our most generous and supportive role model, but are so fortunate to have known him and to have been touched by his great career and life.  He was the epitome of what Keynes said that economics was for - to understand the present, in the light of the past, for the purposes of the future.

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