Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Gabriel Zucman

What was most striking about Tony was how an incredibly generous man he was. He had numerous projects all over the world, yet despite his illness he would still find the time to mentor several generations of researchers and actively support the work of his colleagues up to his last days. We exchanged regularly on inequality at Sticerd, and in particular on the project to create distributional national accounts that he so critically supported. With his typical enthusiasm and rigor, he would point to multiple references I had never heard of, provide guidance for future work, raise doubts and highlight promising tracks. You could be sure that whatever amount of time you had spent researching a topic, he would teach you something you did not know — especially, of course, if the topic in question was related to inequality, the field of studies that he led for so many decades. Tony, an extraordinarily decent and good man, was a giant among the social scientists of the last century. He will be sorely missed.

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